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Earth Sheltered Homes, Underground Homes, Financing, Sales & Construction.

Our Structures can save up to 90% on Your Energy Cost.

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How Our Earth Sheltered Homes are Constructed
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We Offer :

* Custom Design Services & Blue Prints
* Consulting
* Sales of Earth Sheltered Shells
* Construction of Earth Sheltered Shells
* Dealerships
* Bullet Proof Windows & Glass as an Option
* Can be EMP Protected as an Option
* Proprietary ingredient blended with Concrete,
Makes Concrete Stronger than Concrete normally is available in all Our Homes.

Financing is available for our Earth Sheltered Homes, Underground Homes,
Bomb Shelters, Safe Rooms, Tornado Shelters.

We have 3 crews that travel & build our Homes Nationwide here in the US &
Canada with another crew & equipment that builds in Australia.





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Available Nationwide here in the US, Bahamas, Costa Rica, Canada & Australia.

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Our Earth Sheltered Yahoo Group with over 1,100 Pictures - Click Link here
How Our Earth Sheltered Homes are Constructed POWER POINT Linkhere
About Earthlog ® Equity Group, Inc. POWER POINT Link here

Your Custom Designed Earth Sheltered Home is Built solid using Our
fiber-glass/Mix concrete with rebar, ready to stand up to the flying debris of
Tornado's & Hurricanes & the devastating effects of Fires & Earthquakes.

Plus, the Superior Energy Efficiency & Soundproofing Qualities of an Earthlog
Earth Sheltered Home means greater comfort for your family year round.
All the benefits of Concrete home Building with Architectural Beauty.

Beautiful Earth Sheltered Homes in any style with all the added benefits like
Energy Efficiency, Safety, and Peace & Quiet. Sunken Living Rooms, Sunken
Bedroom, Indoor Swimming Pools, a front like a Castle. Or you can even
Incorporate a Green House into your overall Design.

All of Our Homes can have a rear or side entrance along with tunnels if needed.
They can be just as Elaborate as the Front Entrance or Comfortable the way you
want it to be.A side or back entrance can have a log home look with a screened
in or Open Porch Design.

Just about anything you can think of can be Designed into the overall Design of
Your Custom Designed Earth Sheltered or Underground Home.

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Underground Homes & Home Plans and mention a few names of homes that are
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***  We have NEVER had a Structural Failure, as such we OFFER a LIFETIME Warranty
against Structural Failure of Our Earth Sheltered Shells for Our Homes.
***  We Offer a 25 Year Warranty against Structural Failure for Our Commercial
* Earthlog Offers a 0% 2nd Mortgage to help Clients that are a little short to get
the First Mortgage, this also shows the Lenders that we stand behind the Quality of
Our Homes.
*  Model Home in Upper New York available to View by Appointment - Contact us Today
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