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Our Structures can save up to 90% on Your Energy Cost.

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Sales of Earth Sheltered Shells
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Financing is available for our Earth Sheltered Homes, Underground Homes,
Bomb Shelters, Safe Rooms, Tornado Shelters.
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Available Nationwide here in the US, Bahamas, Costa Rica, Canada & Australia.

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Earth Sheltered Housing Institute  ®

We suggest you join the Earth Sheltered Homes Yahoo Group mentioned below
to view over 1,100 Pictures of Earth Sheltered Homes, Berm Homes and
Underground Homes & Home Plans and mention a few names of homes that are
close to what you have in mind in your email request for your Free Price Quotes.
You can cut and paste to create a Custom Home Design to submit for Your Free
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Become a Sponsor, get recognition on our web site from your contributions of
land, services or funding.

Our Mission, is to raise the Funds necessary to acquire land, develop the
property to begin construction of Our Model/Base Operations.

1 . To be the Base of Operations for the Non Profit to plan out and begin
Developing additional properties to begin building the first Earth Sheltered
Apartments & Homes to begin its Mission of suppling them to Housing

2 . To be shown as a Model to compliment our Sales of Earth Sheltered Homes to
off site Clients as part of the for Profit portion of Earth Sheltered Housing
Institutes raising of funds to pay for growth of Construction
and Development.

Be part of the Success of an Organization that simply wishes to build and make
available to Housing Authorities Homes & Apartments under 40 - 50 60 years
Leases that they house low Income, disabled or disabled vets in Energy Efficient
homes , apartments, Developed with the understanding of their needs, with
specially Designed Units.

We have ongoing planning under way for several projects nationwide.

Become a Sponsor, get recognition on our web site from your contributions of
land, services or funding.

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Earth Sheltered Housing Institute ® a non Profit Organization - Our Building Fund Drive is now underway.
***  We have NEVER had a Structural Failure, as such we OFFER a LIFETIME Warranty
against Structural Failure of Our Earth Sheltered Shells for Our Homes.
***  We Offer a 25 Year Warranty against Structural Failure for Our Commercial