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Our Structures can save up to 90% on Your Energy Cost.

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Earth Sheltered Homes,Underground Homes,Financing,Sales,
Our Structures can save up to 90% on Your Energy Cost.

Welcome to  Earthlog ® Equity Group, Inc.

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Alpha Plans  2,640 Square Feet

Bronson Plans  2,470 Square Feet

Cedar Haven Plans  3,290 Square Feet

Celeste Plans   2,200 Square Feet        

Deannah Plans  2,625 Square Feet

Eagle View Plans  1,325 Square Feet

Eastport Plan A = 1,805 Sq Ft Plan B = 1,570 Square Feet        

Endeaver Plans  2,020 Square Feet       

Enterprise Plans  3,212 Square Feet  

Evergreen Ridge Plans  1,955 Square Feet    

Franklin Plans  4,160 Square Feet

Gallatica Plans   3,765 Square Feet

GetaWay Plans 1,800 square feet  

Holiday Plans 1,315 & 1,775 Square Feet

Horizon Plans  1,955 & 2,650 Square Feet    

Infinity Plans   2,225 Square Feet  

Logan Plans   1,975 Square Feet  

MaLady Plans   1,990 & 2,670 Square Feet  

Meadowbrook Plans 1,750 & 2,240 Square Feet

Odessey Plans    4,000 Square Feet

Omega Plans   2,800 Square Feet    

Pheasant Run  3,250 Square Feet

Picard Plans   3,510 Square Feet

River Park 2,650 Square Feet  

Riverview Plans   2,790 Square Feet

Royal Oak Plans   2,750 Square Feet

Spring Hill Plans 1,200 Square Feet

Stargate Plans   3,760 Square Feet

Stone Henge Plans 2,257 &  3,075 sq ft

Tara Plans  1,155  Square Feet with Loft

The Executive Plan   1,775 square foot home portion 875 sq ft garage

Torran Plans    1,775 Square Feet               

Tuvok Plans   2,625 Square Feet

Victoria Plans  2,440 - 3,080 - 3,280  Sq ft

Wedgewood   Plans    2,075 Sq ft

Zowie Plans    2,675 Square Feet

Condo Plans

Solar Options 435 Square Feet

Floorplan A - 1,540 Square Feet                   Floorplan B - 1,350 Square Feet

Floorplan C - 2,820 Square Feet      Floorplan D - 1,315 Shown as 1,775 sq ft

Floorplan E - 2,692 sq ft with Loft             Floorplan F - 2,415 sq ft

Floorplan G - 2,180 sq ft     Floorplan H - 2,650 sq ft with 45 x 10 Greenhouse  

Floorplan I - 2,180 sq ft               Floorplan J - 2,275 - 3,075 sq ft

Floorplan K - 1,775 sq ft                   Floorplan L - 1,965 sq ft
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***  We have NEVER had a Structural Failure, as such we OFFER a LIFETIME
Warranty against Structural Failure of Our Earth Sheltered Shells for Our Homes.
***  We Offer a 25 Year Warranty against Structural Failure for Our Commercial